Google buys robotics firm

New Day Midday looks at Google’s new battle robots, Santacon pub crawl brawl, and pay to hug a panda.
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12 Responses to Google buys robotics firm

  1. Terrence Cain says:

    Skynet and the end of the human species is just around the corner, folks.

  2. AlexanderMccarthey87 says:

    Why do I feel bad for it when the guy kicks it?

  3. James Fisher says:

    Sky-Net is upon us

  4. fido dido says:

    you will need one to fu**k you when you are horny

  5. Michael Estrada says:

    That’s what we need, Countries mining the moon of its depletable resources!!!

  6. sfrued says:

    i bet there are going to sell it to nasa for space discovery…

  7. Raine Carosin says:

    GOOGLE BUYS THE CAT AND THE DOG!!! Whew!!!!! That’s B I G news!

  8. Domnisoara88 says:

    They probably have a futurist mentality because they are looking at all their users ideas, convos, and comments for their business plans….not answering their users… I speak for myself… I think ever since they came together with youtube… Why do you talk about google and then talk about a ignorant fight? Wow. Im getting offline, this is ridiculous already… And to remind you blind people here in the usa, especially the news casters, Our government swore this country under God and you celebrate Christ mas, “pagan style”, aka Christ Jesus’ birthday………… Not pagan satan, ooops I mean santa…. Do you think that is a house under the lord or a house divided, you can find out by reading the bible!!! Jesus is the only righteousness anyone will ever get, even if we have this stupid judicial system who will help the rich even if their in the wrong. There is no justice. Its coming. 

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