Google Buys Scary Military Robot Maker

Google has purchased the cutting-edge robotics firm which supplies mobile research robots for the Pentagon. The tech giant is keeping secret what it will pro…
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16 thoughts on “Google Buys Scary Military Robot Maker

  1. I think now we need to upgrade it a bit, invent very effective fuel source like micro fusion cells (Fallout reference) and consider our race extinct. Cheers.

  2. Useless…a fan, some clue and sand along with conventional pits will trap a lot of these tin cans. A shot gun blast would short circuit these robots. 

  3. It doesn’t make sense to me that they will use these things against us. But what will they do when they take over law enforcement and only take orders from their “cloud”. Some of them have advanced form of AI. It’s on the web somewhere.

  4. i love robots. they help increase production and replace humans for simple tasks. using robots to fight in battles is an excellent idea because it prevents “lives lost” for the robot side! imagine unleashing a massive army of robots on the bad guys! hell yeah, kickass. this is why you don’t mess with the wess

  5. Google bought 8 robots and its developers. Winner of the 2013 derpa challenge which looks like a Gundam, top most humanoid looking robot (atlas), and the top 4 legged robot shown in the video. Expect all this technology to be combine resulting to either a Giant mecha to replace tanks or a Humanoid size and look multi purpose robot. What ever comes after 5-10 years would end up chaotic, since its funded by the military so its specification would be for War.

  6. The first robot is an invention to create a vehicle that mimics the way horses and cats run. In fact all of these video say Boston Dynamics, a program funded by Boston University. So what are you conspiracy theorists smoking? 

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