Google Cardboard: How it works!

Buy the cut-out for – Subscribe for more videos – Hope this “How it works” video featuring Google Cardboard helps to answer some of the common…
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22 Responses to Google Cardboard: How it works!

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

    The coolest thing you can buy for $10 –

  2. ahad rizwan says:

    Apple will buy this piece of cardboard,slap it’s logo onto it and sell it for 250$ 

  3. Lewis Hilsenteger says:

    +Google #Cardboard – How it works! – < WATCH HERE!

  4. Justine Driver says:

    So I was super lucky to win one of these today thanks to +Angela Lee Who has blown my mind!

  5. Cameron Mitchell says:

    Wow I thought this was a joke when you made the first video. This is dope.

  6. MrMatte0000 says:

    Google just removed YouTube from the cardboard app… A day before I got my cardboard in.

  7. Jacob Lara says:

    Awesome use of low Tech to make a high tech experience. Google Cardboard: How it works!:

  8. BOT Nick says:

    Is this a joke? Or is this a thing?

  9. Boo says:

    Who else tried the app without that cardboard?

  10. Shouvik Kar says:

    Google Cardboard.

  11. saúl moreno says:

    can i use it whith an iphone?

  12. duazs says:

    hehe at 3:05 he said “such a big dildo” 😀 by Butt-Head

  13. Keesaw Moss-davies says:

    I thought this was just a sketch taking the piss out of google glass but when i found out it was real…I lost faith in humanity

  14. Thijs Rutten says:

    Does it work for samsung galaxy s4

  15. KingKenny Spimms says:

    +Unbox Therapy Kind of reminds me of +Vsauce.

  16. Roby599 says:

    I’d like to order one, but does the Note 4 even fit in there? 

  17. Ada Alvarado says:

    the only thing i dont like is to have the cellphone too near my brain but one ot two times in life…

  18. Tina Deng says:

    25 mm diameter FL is 45 mm Google cardboard lenses is our company made ….hahaha

  19. TechGod says:

    An important thing…If you dont have gyriscope it isnt work,and phones like sony xperia m2 or moto g doesnt have that..

  20. VoiceHeart_9 says:

    I will definitely try it. btw, my GC is on the way so Im still waiting. In Malaysia, I pay it for RM15 on usd). hehehe…

  21. pixelcraftgaming says:

    If I were to buy this, would it come built or do I have to build it?

  22. Hwood Media says:

    The way consumers interact with the Web is changing. Users will be looking for “Rich Content” to explore and experience in new and dynamic ways…

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