Google celebrates crossword puzzle's 100th anniversary

Google celebrates crossword puzzle's 100th anniversary
SAN FRANCISCO — Crossword puzzle fans have a delightful doodle to work out on Google's home page through the weekend. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle, the Google home page is an interactive crossword puzzle.
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What China's Xiaomi Has Learned From Google And Apple About Smartphones
Xiaomi has taken its cue from both Google Google and Apple Apple. From Google, Xiaomi has adopted an open operating platform that has won consumer enthusiasts. “Xiaomi's operating platform—currently available in English and Chinese—can be …
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Protesters block Silicon Valley shuttles, smash Google bus window
But as housing prices rise in the San Francisco Bay Area, angry activists are targeting those shuttles to protest the region's gentrification. In Oakland, protesters attacked a Google bus today, smashing a window and distributing fliers reading "Get …
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