Google Chrome: An Awesome World

Dad (and children’s book author) Dallas Clayton uses the web to share the inspiring book he wrote for his son with people all over the world. Read “An Awesom…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Google Chrome: An Awesome World

  1. AceCmbatguy25 says:

    LOL im fourteen :) And im using it 😀

  2. TheLosta25 says:

    Yes you should if you’re an awesome dad :)

  3. HMPenguinify says:

    I’m so badass that I’m watching this on a Nokia 3310.

  4. Kumonie Williams says:

    i use chrome! 😀 its my fav browser 😉

  5. Leonrymer says:

    Im so badass im using AOL

  6. CreeperLikesCake says:

    Don’t lie, you wouldn’t reach Youtube without crashing.

  7. i0hate0school1 says:

    its not that easy!

  8. Carpe Diem says:

    I’m sitting next to the most annoying person in the world and he wont shut up.

  9. ginablackhawk says:


  10. hyunkseo says:

    I’m so badass that I’m watching this in Lynx

  11. c4un544n5 says:

    chrome is good with extension like email notification and ad block

  12. AceCmbatguy25 says:

    Should i download Chrome?

  13. bdeep666 says:

    intertnet explorer?

  14. Eva Ferjancsik says:

    hey google chrome go FUCK YOURSELF YOU PIECES OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,your fucking cock sucking assholes… i fucking hate you jew creators i cant belive what a jew company you are owning everything making millions of spying on us taking our private information and putting it in the publics eye.. not only that but putting peoples lives in danger your piece of shit jews i hope you rot in the hell that you all made up

  15. biggestpokemonfan12 says:

    Im so badass that im watching this in Commodore 64!

  16. fuzzywuzzy2622 says:

    Google chrome for android no longer supports games in html5 format. After last update my games wouldn’t work..

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