Google Chrome Bento Box

Learn more about my bento on my blog My Google Chrome bento made for their new “Make the Google Chrome icon” event. Ingredients: Rice, egg, broccoli, red pepper, hard-boiled egg (dyed with red cabbage juice), ham, bacon, asparagus, cherry tomato, black sesame seeds, cheese. Music: “Main Title” from Giant Robo OST Composed by Masamichi Amano Check out the actual video of this music Edited by Derek Lieu ( ) Now go play with your food! 😀

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16 Responses to Google Chrome Bento Box

  1. shinichi edogawa says:


  2. animefreek141 says:


  3. galiagoze says:

    Wow!! Luv the presentation of this bento! Music was fantastic!! You just won an Oscar award!!! Arigato!!

  4. FooDWooW says:

    I love u anna. Why don’t u make other “how-to” videos?? I’m waiting for this for a long time.

  5. majesstik6 says:

    that looks delicious!!!!!!

  6. narusasu says:

    looks down at google chrome icon on desktop, then back to bento. *nods approvingly*

  7. megumi089 says:

    too fast but i like the bento

  8. raibadze says:

    how can you eat this thing without feeling guilty!!! =)

  9. lurzax says:

    lol .. it`s like watching horror movie with happy ending at the end xD

  10. XxrainbowflowerxX says:

    wow that’s art!

  11. Espinomatildez says:

    Purple egg I want it O.O

  12. chusuko says:

    That is a giant bell pepper. :))

  13. Kaeseworstiger says:

    I am so hardly hungry ….

  14. TheAnna3F says:

    you deserve some sort of medal for this! *claps*

  15. JackofEvil says:

    Many people see and make a bento just in its cuteness factor, but this one is not only that. Taste, nutrition factor and shock resistance – near-perfect on every aspect. Just amazing.

  16. Pete Tran says:

    holy shit tahts so legit you are very artistic i bet that tasted REALLY good you must be asian right?

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