Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

A father uses the web to share memories with his daughter as she grows up in this video depiction. Music by: Ingrid Michaelson Song: “Sort Of” Album ‘Everybody’

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  2. It’s such a cute story! Don’t diss it, google just want to sell, sell, sell! My mom did this to me when I was young (I still am!). I can look back at so many memories now with her! 🙂 I will do that to my children as well! :’D

  3. Ugh….I think I’m going to throw up maple syrup. What a sickly advert. “Hey I know let’s document our entire child’s life like a science experiment and annihilate the entire concept of human privacy in favour of google’s hipster utopia.”

  4. i do not want to cut myself and he is not gay have you ever heard of sarcasm? i am implying that his music is shit (when i was like in grade 3 i heard his song and thought it was nice, until somebody told me he was *male*)

  5. What’s the problem with you? Why do you want to cut yourself? Are the one of those idiots who saw that “he is” gay?? It’s a lie and you want to hate him because you’re jealous of what he has made and you not? I’m not his fan and I’m not protecting him this way, I’m just trying to understand why do you all hate him, you have no reason. You have to be ashamed and finally stop this non-sense ;)!

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