Google Chrome, Japan

This video was produced by the Google Japan team. To download and install Google Chrome go to
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17 Responses to Google Chrome, Japan

  1. Rather Heng says:


  2. EnglishKickstart says:

    I use Chrome, works nicely for my needs. 

  3. CuttlefishPi says:

    who disliked this?

  4. kollegahsterin says:

    The Adblock Pro sign is missing in the top right corner, am I right?

  5. 2fresh2defz says:

    Google: Making the Pokeball cool again. 

  6. aMidnightBreeze says:

    “google chrome forum?” This is neither a forum nor is it a ‘google chrome’ one, whatever that would look like. Its a video sharing site with attached comments and it is viewable in most browsers.

  7. MrEngzubiri says:


  8. Garrett Gregor-Splaver says:

    It’s made to optimize Microsoft utilities, like ASP, and .NET. Chrome is open-source, IE is not. “Good” isn’t a way to describe software, as they all have their shortcomings, and quirks.

  9. khoraski says:

    IE10 is only 4 months old. It’s not too shabby, actually. Is reasonably fast, and has a nicer, simplistic design. It’s not exactly as good as Chrome, but it’s not the crap is once was either.

  10. jordan59961 says:


  11. Andrew Marx says:

    Since the time that flamewars started appearing on YouTube 😛

  12. MrM1G1 says:


  13. justin trewick says:

    why the heck does Google keep making these stupid songs ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

  14. Christian Kron says:

    hahahaha…. facepalm!

  15. Creanga Claudiu says:

    since when youtube is a forum?

  16. temp979 says:

    Be hypnotised and install our latest spyware!

  17. Niels Steenman says:

    No he is right, you clearly didn’t get his comment. Don’t be proud, you’re dumb

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