Google Chrome: Julie Deane

A British mum-of-two starts a global fashion craze from her kitchen table. This film charts the rise of Julie Deane & The Cambridge Satchel Company. From creating the satchel idea to becoming a hit with vloggers and bloggers and then exploding onto the fashion world; we see how Julie used the web to go from kitchen to catwalk. Download Chrome:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to Google Chrome: Julie Deane

  1. Gary Thomas says:

    Love the dog

  2. kjscfc1863 says:

    Whats the song?????

  3. Kobaganda says:

    I took a shit in one. I didn’t buy it though.

  4. creepbg says:

    Google advertising in general is really good

  5. Lee Sellers says:

    Here is to entrepreneurs around the globe! ;P Well done! ;P

  6. ldpeanuts says:

    i use to have one growing up as a kid all those many years ago. What’s there to go crazy about?

  7. thenotsew says:

    This is even better that the internet explorer advert.

  8. sharin10 says:

    Love this video!

  9. XblackandamberX says:

    I feel inspired and depressed all at the same time

  10. yusshuss says:

    0:41 I WANT THIS ONE! but there arn’t any like that, anywhere! :(

  11. golfer kirk says:

    ollie kirk

  12. phiAndpi says:

    Made in the Far East, Shipted to England, unpacked from large boxes, repacked into Small boxes and posted back to customers in the Far East!

  13. heylenahey says:

    I love mine. It’s so easy to just fling on and it looks cute.

  14. kevin opperman says:

    you dont have to be. you should see them (the craze) sell… i work there i know

  15. bustycars says:

    i live in cambridge :D

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