Google Chrome & Privacy – Browsers, Privacy and You

Learn about the features in Google Chrome that help protect your privacy. Download Google Chrome at

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16 Responses to Google Chrome & Privacy – Browsers, Privacy and You

  1. Hassaun Ahmed says:

    Ad comments


    You delete the data on your computer but they still keep your data and your IP number


    google already made pact with youtube to trade passwords and so there is no privacy at all hehehe

  4. max FIRMIN says:

    Google Chrome & Privacy – Browsers.

  5. Abraham Marasigan says:

    Alright, you trust google with the information they get from you. I WONDER IF YOU’LL STILL TRUST THEM IF THEY HIDE INFORMATION FROM YOU. youtube. com/watch?v=B8ofWFx525s dontbubble. us/

  6. Abraham Marasigan says:

    Even the three number 6s.

  7. adityadb906 says:

    1:22 *If you know what I mean*

  8. DaveMakesMoneyOnline says:

    chrome is the best!

  9. 宝くじ当選しました 当選金欲しい人に差し上げます says:


  10. davamseward5150 says:


  11. Paulo Pavačić says:

    omg who care what porn are you looking?

  12. TheDanmarkian says:

    “using chrome doesn’t mean sharing information with google than any other browser”. WRONG! Oh I need to sign in? Oh, you need my mail adress? Oh you need my phone number? Ask yourself this: Is google asking for this info because they’re just nice people and want to get to know you better?

  13. Sourabh Bansal says:

    is it just the data when we delete we dont see or it remains on chrome server?

  14. Chandler Stone says:

    I want a keyboard that can do anything with one button

  15. ignacio cavallaro says:

    no entendi una mierda la proxima vez aganlo en español hdp! jaja

  16. Howtolostweightfast says:

    Keep improve google 😀

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