Google Chrome – Review

Here is the review for Google’s new browser, Google Chrome. Chrome is still in Beta which means it is still being tested. Chrome includes new browsing features such as Incognito mode, the ability to drag tabs into new windows, a download manager bar on the bottom as well a host of new other…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Google Chrome – Review

  1. RobotRadioDJB says:

    Check your settings

  2. RobotRadioDJB says:

    That is only true if you are using a slow computer.

  3. RobotRadioDJB says:

    Google is the best! If you are on YouTube, then you must like Google.

  4. RobotRadioDJB says:

    Google Chrome is by far the safest, easiest, and coolest looking browser. IE and Firefox don’t even come close to doing the things that the Chrome can do.

  5. TheMsdos25 says:

    firefox can do all this and more,plus it has a great GUI

  6. LiveTheWild says:

    Thumbs up if you just covered up some “early holiday gift buying”. P.S. Wash your hands you sick freak. 😀

  7. NatWolff43567890 says:

    google sucks

  8. DarkEliteDroid says:

    Firefox has all of that plus billions of cool add ons

  9. deathjoker666 says:

    google chrome sucks. it always jams up to the point where i have to end task. firefox doesn’t respond sometimes but google chrome doesn’t respond a lot more then firefox or internet explorer does though.

  10. TheMsdos25 says:

    Google chrome is slightly faster than Firefox because it lacks the full customization and power of Firefox. and it spies on everything you do

  11. MrEriklenn says:

    “Gift Buying” = watching porn

  12. musicproducer16 says:

    I was surprised also when I first saw that Chrome didn’t have a menu bar. But actually to ME, its not that bad. I mean it actually seems to make things more easier (Or at least it does to me) I guess it depends on the person. One of the many things I actually HATED about the other browsers was how you had to deal with a bunch of crap at the top of the page. NOT having a menu bar, opens up the page and helps me to see things in a more clear view :)

  13. jmulma says:

    Has anybody who has this read the entire ‘Terms & Agreements’ section?

  14. Speedy149U says:

    I would be if my current version of Chrome (which I just installed) will allow me to watch this video! It doesn’t even make an effort to buffer it!

  15. 2457rawr says:

    ehhh yes hiding holiday gifts …from ur sausage > .>

  16. noldus7 says:

    The best browser ever

  17. Abyss192 says:

    Google chrome is only useful for the incognito feature in my opinion….*cough* Porn…

  18. christian661199 says:


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