Google Chrome Update Increases User Control Over Extensions

Google Chrome Update Increases User Control Over Extensions
When Google Chrome reaches version 25, browser extensions installed offline by other applications will no longer be enabled without user permission. Developers currently have several options to install extensions offline, i.e. without using the browser …
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Google Chrome en version 24 plus rapide
Dans la course quasi perpétuelle à la rapidité d'exécution JavaScript, Google Chrome 24 est annoncé avec des performances à la hausse. Près de 26 % plus rapide sur le benchmark JavacScript Octane qui est une évolution du benchmark JavaScript V8 de …
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New Year New Platform: Shuuro on Chrome Web Store
The game is linked at the server so the players on facebook can play against the players on google plus… I wonder who would win? The Chrome Web Store is Google's online store for web applications for Google Chrome or Google Apps. The software allows …
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