Google Chromecast goes on sale in UK

Google Chromecast goes on sale in UK
Google takes another step into Britain's living rooms on Wednesday with the introduction of its £30 Chromecast product, which claims to make televisions smarter by allowing users to stream online content including shows from YouTube, Netflix and the …
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Google account phishing scam hooks users with fake Google Drive login
There's a really deceptive phishing scam going around that tricks users into giving hackers their Google login credentials using a script hiding in a Google Drive document. The scheme raised some eyebrows at security firm Symantec, who discovered and …
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Google unveils Android Wear, its modified OS for wearables
In a blog post on Tuesday, the Internet titan unwrapped the details of a modified version of its mobile Android operating system. The OS will be heavily based on its Google Now voice-recognition technology, and it's designed to be applied to wearables …
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