Google Code-in 2013

Google Code-in is a global, online contest designed to introduce 13-17 year old students to open source software development. We choose 10 open source projec…

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6 Responses to Google Code-in 2013

  1. Golden Adams says:

    I am 15 and interested

  2. Robert King says:


  3. Martin Charles says:

    I’m 14 but my google account’s age is 27 or something! I hope it works for me.

  4. Henry Godbolt IV says:

    I’m 14 and interested!

  5. superduderash says:

    Hack the planet!!!

  6. Shurtugalsc says:

    The tasks are not that complex, I am really going to give my best to see if I can go to Mountain View, yey!

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