Google could soon use TV as a ranking signal

Google could soon use TV as a ranking signal
Yesterday Google was granted a patent for using television as search ranking signal, which could mean a few changes for content marketing. The patent, which was originally filed over … The search engine's virtual personal assistant for iOS and …
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Bing Ads Launches Campaign Planner Feature to Boost Ease of Use
Similar to Google's AdWords tool, Campaign Planner provides insights from data collected from Yahoo and Bing. This information helps advertisers make decisions based on data, not hunches. Further, Campaign Planner is a research tool that can be used …
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Is Paid Search Ineffective for Online Marketing?
One of the greatest appeals of search-engine marketing (SEM) is the profusion of data, metrics, and ROI. From the bidding process to the line graph reports, marketers love data. And with good reason. Data tells a story, defines direction, and sketches …
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