Google ditches local carousel results for US hotels

Google ditches local carousel results for US hotels
Competitive rate analysis will now move beyond the traditional distribution channels and meta search channels and should now include the standard SERP results of Google. The initial three-pack, it would seem, is also predicted by search history as it …
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Una serp verda comuna es passeja pel carrer del Carme, al costat de l´Onyar
Un vianant va topar ahir al migdia amb una serp movent-se pel carrer del Carme de Girona, a prop del pont de l'Areny. El regidor de Sostenibilitat, Jordi Fàbrega, un cop vista la foto va explicar que es tractava d'una serp verda comuna que sol viure en …
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3 Basic Principles of Journalism to Consider When Writing Content for Google
A short click is when a searcher clicks on a result and returns to the SERP within a short period of time. The result clicked clearly wasn't right for that user. Google considers a long click to be a positive signal – literally the user spends a longer …
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