Google Docs How To Tutorial 2012

Google Docs How To Tutorial 2012

Google Docs beginner “how to” tutorial for the 2012 version of Google Docs. This tutorial shows users how to: – Create documents – Share documents – Email documents – Upload from and download to different file formats – How to organize your Google Docs Presented by Anson Alexander from More Google Docs video tutorials
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16 thoughts on “Google Docs How To Tutorial 2012

  1. It’s like ‘How to use Google Docs for Dummies’. HAHA. I really learnt in that 15 minutes! Worth my time I should say. And thank you very much!! It’s very helpful!! I just realised how cool Google docs is. HEHE

  2. I’m not sure exactly what you mean when you say tabs but, if you’re talking about different sheets, you have have to click the + icon in the bottom left to create a second and third workbook sheet.

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