Google Docs How To Tutorial 2012

Google Docs How To Tutorial 2012

Google Docs beginner “how to” tutorial for the 2012 version of Google Docs. This tutorial shows users how to: – Create documents – Share documents – Email documents – Upload from and download to different file formats – How to organize your Google Docs Presented by Anson Alexander from More Google Docs video tutorials
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16 Responses to Google Docs How To Tutorial 2012

  1. Anson Alexander says:

    Always good to hear! Thanks for watching!

  2. Shungu Matsika says:

    Very clear explanations. Found what i was looking for. Thank you

  3. Anson Alexander says:

    Good to hear!

  4. iyeevonnee says:

    It’s like ‘How to use Google Docs for Dummies’. HAHA. I really learnt in that 15 minutes! Worth my time I should say. And thank you very much!! It’s very helpful!! I just realised how cool Google docs is. HEHE

  5. x9ClanHQ says:

    whenever i click on Documents it takes me to Drive. any help??

  6. btbees1 says:

    Thank you for preparing this excellent tutorial.

  7. Anson Alexander says:

    No problem – I’m glad you found it useful!

  8. Anson Alexander says:

    No problem – glad it helped!

  9. morrestuff says:

    Thought tutorial great – thanks!

  10. Ashley Ouellette says:

    I really learned from this video, thanks for keeping it simple

  11. DONxblMASTER says:

    when i click on document it does not let me type or change anything.

  12. Anson Alexander says:

    Try clearing the cache and maybe see if the error also happens in a different browser.

  13. TehxBeasTz says:

    my docs says im offline when im signed in? anyone help me :s

  14. bandana345 says:

    That video is really good, easy to understand, well put together. It sorted out one or two problems I’ve been having. Thanks for the info, it’s much appreciated.

  15. Anson Alexander says:

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean when you say tabs but, if you’re talking about different sheets, you have have to click the + icon in the bottom left to create a second and third workbook sheet.

  16. Anita Willan says:

    Really good thanks. QUESTION: When I click on the document (excel) it does not show all of the tabs in my spreadsheet. What am I doing wrong?

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