Google Docs in Language Teaching

Information about Google Docs and some possible uses for this tool in language teaching. A new introduction explaining new features released by Google can be found here:

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8 Responses to Google Docs in Language Teaching

  1. kidsdomain says:

    i am learning too, thru your videos….looking fwd to going thru all the other ones too :)

  2. Stephan Rinke says:

    Thanks for your feedback! You can download a copy of the document by going to file -> save as … (top left of the Google Docs screen, NOT the browser window!) Best, Stephan

  3. AHEADwithUTube says:

    Thank you for sharing the information about using Google Docs in language teaching. I am currently an English language teacher to speakers of another language and am currently looking for new ways to engage my students. By using Google Docs, am I able to save a “hard copy” of an original document to verify the changes made by the students if we are not all working on the document simultaneously? If so, would you please demonstrate that information? Thank you.

  4. sasasasas60 says:

    It’s really interesting. I’ll try that!!! Thank you very much

  5. Stephan Rinke says:

    Thank you all so much for the positive feedback. I never expected this video to be that well-received.

  6. Valencio Cardoso says:

    Great work. I’m actually teaching some of my colleagues Google Docs today and I found your video very helpful. Thanks for this!

  7. silviajanette Lassmann says:

    Very useful piece of information! It will help me a lot…tks

  8. Robert Bridge says:

    Very interesting for collaborating with writers and new people.

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