Google Docs is the Only Office Software You Need – Google Docs, while being an excellent alternative to the Microsoft Office suite, has the added benefit of allowing users to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the cloud with other users. This can obviously be quite useful to everyone from production team members pitching in on a single task from home offices across the globe to students on opposite sides of campus working together on a project. You can watch the entire live TLDR episode here:
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20 Responses to Google Docs is the Only Office Software You Need

  1. Davis Smith says:

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  2. Julio Hernandez says:

    hey, where can i get a free Google shirt? or at least buy one? Thanks! :)

  3. Tarik Kharabsheh says:

    this guy knows what he’s talking about …

  4. raysonlogin says:

    Yup, it’s harder to find PCs with office installed these days, and even harder to find the *right* version of Office.

  5. EthicalSEO says:

    @monkey6573 You have a good point, but they have not had good luck with selling hard goods in the past, so they may be just as well letting other hardware manufacturers produce their chromebooks as they are currently doing.

  6. monkey6573 says:

    Google should sell the cr-48 or a newer version aswell as the other chromebooks

  7. nixwebo says:

    Its amazing how useful, easy and comprehensive that Gdocs has become. I am a CR-48 owner and love the web apps Google has created. Of course there are always things to be fixed and some missing features, but it is about the only office suite I use anymore. I just find less and less reasons to go back to the big, bulky and expensive Microsoft Office Suite, sorry.

  8. infernapeawsome15 says:

    My school is starting to incorporate Google Docs all because I demoed the whole idea of going paperless for notes, homework, and projects. It makes me really happy. Geeky, I know.

  9. Kim Phillip says:

    I use Google Docs daily, mostly for documents. The presentations need a lot of work, though.

  10. Programmer7 says:

    Informative video. One thing that I use Google Docs for is storing all of the serial numbers for my technology products. That way, if something gets stolen, I can not only report the serial numbers of the stolen products, but I am also able to do it from anywhere.

  11. chava2uk says:

    I love Google docs, but find the android app impossible. Using it on a phone or tablet is cumbersome. If they can fix that we’ll be really rocking!

  12. oliversteward2011 says:

    I largely agree, but I feel that if you are not online, Google Docs is no good. I use Google Docs a lot, and do like the fact I can interact with the virtual cloud anywhere, but at home I use Microsoft Office the most. Plus, there are a few layout compatibility issues between Google Docs and Microsoft Office. I wouldn’t use Google Docs for everything. I would back my PhD project on the cloud, but not rely on the cloud for everything. 

  13. BlackwaterOpsDotCom says:

    If you want to make a presentation, or collaborate on a Word Doc, or do any of the things described here, and don’t want the finished product to look like Ass, Microsoft Office 365 works better. Lets you do voice and video while you edit the doc, supports real page layouts, works off line, and can be tied to ODBC data sources. But if you like old and busted go with Google. MS Office 365 = New Hotness

  14. mariofreak91 says:

    I’ve been trying to convert to Google Docs for work because I sometimes work from 2 computers, but there are a few limitations holding me back.

  15. Erick Contreras says:

    Chris if you ever need to make a presentation and want to collaborate with people, you should try prezi

  16. acekiller121 says:

    Google docs is lacking in some features which come in very handy!

  17. Wilson Guzmán says:

    Google has to step their game up, for a lack of better words. I use Google Docs, but I hate it when it says it has to connect to Google. It takes AGES for it to connect.

  18. Brandon Krieger says:

    Is there a way in Google Doc’s to show edit by different people on the project who are editing the document?

  19. filippo333 says:

    Google Docs is good, but often when I’m on the move I have no access to the internet. Plus the templates on Microsoft Word and Keynote 09 are really nice to use.

  20. hotsizzle216 says:

    false…Google docs does not have all the features I need so….

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