Google Docs Sharing and Collaboration Tutorial

This video tutorial focuses on the sharing and collaboration features of Google Docs. If you are looking for an overview of Google Docs please take a look at my Google Docs Beginner Tutorial. Specific topics covered in this tutorial include: -Document Sharing Within Google Docs -Emailing Google Documents as Email Attachments -Setting Email Notifications for a Google Document Presented by Anson Alexander from
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6 Responses to Google Docs Sharing and Collaboration Tutorial

  1. fivequotes says:

    cool clip thanks for sharing .. 

  2. Steve Pickering says:

    Very nicely done. This video shows exactly how to share Google Docs. It is a very powerful tool, yet quite simple to implement. Ideal for people who work in loose groups at work, on club or community projects, and widely dispersed groups.

  3. MurrayEstes says:


  4. korthouj says:

    @Tinarusmiachase There’s also the possibility to share docs or even collections of docs via a link and people don’t need a google account to click the link or see the docs or even download or edit the docs. I think Google has really got it togetter and is lightyears ahead of Microsoft…but that’s only my humble opinion – Johan – Author Fisher Roulette Software – w w w . fisherroulettesoftware . com

  5. jantonelli413 says:

    Thank you for a wonderful tutorial. You have explained how to use Google docs where I can understand it. I would love to see more of your tutorial videos. I have seen two. Do you have more?

  6. Anson Alexander says:

    I’m not sure if I understand the question… Could you restate it differently?

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