google docs spreadsheet tutorial

Atrix Marketing ( ) tutorials. This is our “Internet tools for today’s businesses” video tutorial series. In this episode we learn some Google Docs Spreadsheet basics.

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  1. sizuka5403905890 says:

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  2. potentialendeavors says:

    Good work, informative. Thanks.

  3. veraveracious says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you!

  4. rijflksjfl says:

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  6. ssshishihss says:

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  7. rich050angel says:

    Learn google spreadsheet the easiest way.

  8. Qnqush1992 says:

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  9. joemoye1 says:

    OK, now can get some more training on Google Docs Spreadsheets?

  10. johnnyroycehill says:

    awesome helped out a lot ha

  11. dankosoul says:

    very useful! I think I used spreadsheet once in my life a long time ago and forgot a bit a bout it lol

  12. Hamed Kazemi says:

    excellent, thank you for the clear and useful explanations.

  13. tweety3995 says:

    nice job.

  14. instatesite says:

    Thanks for your recording and uploaded this Very Very useful tutorial Video for all business activities tool!

  15. jlotiba says:

    ang laking tulong ng video na to..,, natutunan ko how to deal about google docs spreadsheet.. thanks for the info.

  16. DaveDettmann says:

    This was alot of help thank you

  17. cwilso30 says:

    Great Info!!!

  18. 1Zenspace says:

    god tutorial, can I set up a formula to sum values from different columns instead of from different rows?

  19. edharper35 says:

    The tutorial was good. Thanks 

  20. bh2osxxx says:

    Great help for me, novice at spreadsheets, so covered a lot for me.

  21. chaimasala2011 says:

    Thank you today I learned a great deal about google docs spreadsheet. you are an excellent teacher.

  22. Jenny Vasquez says:

    nice, can do you please send me example of grafics ans statistics, for my tesis.

  23. emzie122 says:

    I haven’t gone there myself not sure why. Maybe if gmail was better I might be enticed.Thanks for sharing..Emms… 

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