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12 thoughts on “google Documentary – Discovery Channel

  1. Google is a domestic terrorist organization , fronting for the illuminati,New world order, Church of Latter Day saints,Church of satan, or the gay mafia…These faggots use google earth satellites to spy on people,which includes reading your mind and watching men shower…Google even prepped in case the ceo needs to abandone ship, by using fake identities or basically robots , like the special effects they use in the porn industry, which they are big in too, sergey brin and larry page are fake

  2. They will always benefit from human satisfaction unconditionally (again, without shortcuts). I hope that they eventually control everything, where no law must exist, nor money, nor employment; a new world version of old Kuwait, where true freedom of information and enlightenment may exist. Don’t be evil.

  3. I say this because it is the only company which models a government, that gains power as the people do, and whose territory is limitless. This is the rule that makes their interest mutually beneficial.

  4. I love Google. I hope very much that they continue to grow and do not lose their way; with enough development they will bring us further than any government or other entity possibly could. Eventually it will be greater than its people, and remain so indefinitely.

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