Google Doesn’t Want You To Google This

“Last year, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)—a group of the world’s top economies—decided it was time to crack down on inter…
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13 thoughts on “Google Doesn’t Want You To Google This

  1. At least you guys are not bashing those bad republicans again! Did you notice these are elite rich, not small and med size companies? And who’s watch is it on? Google and Microsoft are heavy liberal to boot. Liberals have a habitual difficulty in “adjusting their inner world” when they see Dem corruption, and turn a blind eye – because, supposedly, “Dem’s are for the people!”. I call it out on both sides.

  2. LOL this video stopped working for me at 6:30ish. It came with an error… I reloaded the page and it worked but i laughed my ass off using Google Chrome and Google Youtube and it crashes on this video and no other.

  3. wait a minute… doesn’t google participate in a lot of non profit work that can be written off their taxes anyway… the normal tax payer could do the same if he was smart enough.. the wealthier you are and the more you donate the more you get back in taxes.. and I totally agree with @Case D comment below this.. how about we make a video and call it Homeland Security doesn’t want you to google the budget, because that seems more precedent..

  4. I wounder if anyone has ever done a study to figure out just how long it would take to pay off the national deficit were the government to collect taxes on the corporations like they do us… Even using rough estimates of the unpublished profits funneled through these shell companies, I’m guessing the results would be something like no deficit within a 20 year time frame at most. Not only for America though. I’m guessing most countries in the E.U. would be debt free within the same time frame. And for those who say that debt is what allows our economy to function, I say this. We may need debt for how things work these days, but not at the level or amounts that are currently causing the economic collapse.

  5. What people miss, is that companies can’t just choose to “pay-more-tax”, they are obligated to use all the loop-holes they can to their advantage for their shareholders and against their competition. Google has spend a good amount of money researching things, its probably better than more money going to the American military.

  6. every big corporation wants, sorry needs to make even more money. in way it helps them spread out to new horizons, but at our expenses. then our economy becomes shit. thats a lot of tax money not being put to work for us. our government is full of crooks. letting them do this kind of shit to us. but in the other hand, if u start using another company other then google, they start doing the same shit…were fucked…money is winning the battle……god bless yall…peace.

  7. yes cenk, lets just tax industry out of existence and create more detroits. who needs a good job anyway right? nobody deserves to be middle class because you know the poor need more welfare not a way out of poverty right?

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