Google Drive vs Dropbox!

RIP Dropbox? RIP SkyDrive? RIP Box? RIP iCloud? The competition at a glance: Dropbox Pricing: Drive Pricing: ~

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13 Responses to Google Drive vs Dropbox!

  1. SteamyTiger95 says:

    A month or so ago, I downloaded Skydrive, but then it said I needed a hotmail account, so I went with Google Drive instead :3

  2. Richard Warren says:

    Skydrive is the best cloud storage.

  3. Ashish Singh says:

    google drive is best for collaboration plus now drive can host webpages…:)

  4. Peter Berg says:

    I’m curious as to why SkyDrive isn’t in here, as it obviously has huge advantages, like 7GB of free storage, Microsoft Office integration… and apps on every platform ofc. I’d like to know your opinion on it…if you can be bothered to test it, that is.

  5. Mohamed Husain Ghuloom says:

    I just want to ask you why you put your stuff on cloud? You have a great hackintosh with lots of space.. Why the hassle of uploading, downloading, bandwidth, etc..

  6. Dekulink333 says:

    RIP Google Wave.

  7. Gator115 says:

    DUDE…I just saw you today get selected for Obama’s Question and Answer. And now i see this video hours later. Great job man

  8. Mikael Wills says:

    MEGA kicks everyones ass

  9. Zackary Camilleri says:

    I like skydrive.

  10. Jairus James says:

    haha wrong gestures

  11. Alexander Po says:

    i use both!!!!!

  12. Solomon Lin says:

    google drive. Everything I use is already in that black bar on the google homepage.

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