Google Earth Engine Overview | Learn more about Google Earth Engine, a new platform that puts an unprecedented amount of satellite imagery and data — current and historical — online for the first time and enables global-scale monitoring and measurement of changes in the earth’s environment.

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25 Responses to Google Earth Engine Overview

  1. James Thomsen says:

    Search: How much Energy does Google Utilize at any given moment? As Google grows exponentially, how can Google help to minimize Googles’ own Energy consumption effect? How can I, as a Google User?

  2. Gerandrade -Cerejeiras-RO. says:

    Gente o Google é isso ai, a alegria dos habitantes do Planeta Terra, imagine você a vida sem o Google!..

  3. Gerandrade -Cerejeiras-RO. says:

    Latinos, vamos juntos preservar a vida no Planeta, mantendo os eco-sistemas em seu estado natural,Enquanto houver ambiente sadio haverá vida, Eu, Você e o Google juntos na manutenção e preservação da vida no Planeta! Gerandrade!.

  4. reztuism says:


  5. Oliver Paler says:

    1:33 thats one heck of a smart phone. is that a blackberry?

  6. aculasabacca says:

    C’mon man how can it be hard to understand the detrimental effects of carbon emmissions? Do you really believe We can do all this polluting with no consequences? Do you beleive man walked on the moon, or is that also a fantasy or conspiracy? Wow.

  7. 666alberto says:

    me too, more than everything the multi-layer history satellite images on the earth

  8. VandaFonu says:

    I like the animation it is awesome so awesome.

  9. c933103 says:

    @PhilLovesThrash it is really hard to say the current global warming trend fit in to past cycle..even if the earth is really naturally rising temperatures, human also taken a role in it to worsen the situation..

  10. Wouter van asselbergh says:

    Thank you for making this wonderful tool, google!

  11. ZealDaan says:

    More proof Google is the most badass company in the world.

  12. eatcarpet says:

    Are you a climate scientist.

  13. eatcarpet says:

    How do we know it’s not man made.

  14. eatcarpet says:

    So… should we try to conserve trees and rainforests more than curb CO2 emission? Sad that people are denying global warming just because it’s convenient for them to do so.

  15. digiworldecuador says:

    Big opportunity to start a change. Google took action already… but change depends on us. Thanks Google! :)

  16. Claudio Drews says:

    My two favorite things on the Internet are Wikipedia and Google. 😀

  17. Alberto Hogan says:

    Yeah it all looks like the beginning stages of the resource monitoring system Jacque Fresco mentions in the Venus Project. Very exciting stuff!

  18. Watchdawg says:

    That’s what I was thinking, haha!

  19. PAT FORD says:

    when one tree falls we should plant 10 trees and one wind fan to get the enegery + we need to make soler panals out of sand and the snow that melts we need to save it for drinking water and much much more ,

  20. Alberto Hogan says:

    Cool well it’s all looking good so far.

  21. NewsFreak42 says:

    its allready done

  22. NewsFreak42 says:

    does itshow that money is the reason for all that wars and terror and ecology disaster?

  23. Alberto Hogan says:

    Google should team up with nasa then team up with the venus project!

  24. rocheINC says:

    Leave it to google!

  25. samn100 says:

    I wonder if they took any photos of tree farms by accident.

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