Google Earth Guys

Google’s hardest working employees are back! And then leave for a really long time. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on http
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16 Responses to Google Earth Guys

  1. saladfury says:

    You’re an idiot… So just if someone doesn’t have a photo of something that happened.. Means it didn’t happen?


    OH ENGLAND GOVNA WHERE THEY CALL IT SOCCER its football (Australian Me: No its soccer

  3. scotcheggable says:

    picture or it didn’t happen.

  4. Dhafari Morgan says:

    And that’s what happens when you smoke weed.

  5. RealRainbowRapidash says:

    I saw that ending coming.

  6. TheWhimsicalFuzzwald says:

    It’s a rare condition, this day in age! 😀

  7. Reza ilumifis says:

    umm yeah

  8. TheDoomgrasp says:

    How did you calculate that? If i may ask.

  9. dameanjerk says:

    no not forever it would take 3000000000233322356844 days to do the google universe guys now that would take some time

  10. Ronald McDonald says:

    that’s kind of the point.

  11. Reza ilumifis says:

    space will is expanding all the time so you will never be able to do that

  12. SittingMoose Shaman says:

    …I caught a nice beaver-shot in NYC street view…

  13. Somer Calila says:

    no, next, count down the number of soil particles

  14. mrvic190 says:

    LOL, Im watching 2001 a space odyssey 😛

  15. mrUSMCtristan says:

    i think the camer is on the bottom of the blimp. 0:43

  16. jade miller says:

    there is a camrea on the bottom of the bascet at 2:00

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