google earth is not funny anymore

Is this the next generation? Get a closer view on the latest digital trends:
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17 Responses to google earth is not funny anymore

  1. afranco82 says:

    I’m confused

  2. CalebHolcombReviews says:

    Idk. That’s pretty funny

  3. juwane brown says:

    how did i get here?

  4. Jacob Andersen says:

    No no, that actually makes it MORE funny…

  5. rob cole says:

    SLOW Clap… clap… clap…-_-

  6. Anthony hopkins says:

    is that really any better i mean they have cameras pointed at you

  7. Aerational says:

    shitty music shitty video go fuck yourself

  8. Minecraftpro337 says:

    I got here from how to tame a creeper

  9. Dan Halen says:

    lol what the heck?

  10. asswipe69691 says:

    i thought the music was cool, the vid as well.

  11. MrWiiandPS3 says:

    google earth is not live it is just pictures.

  12. XXDeadlyBrewXX says:

    this made me laugh

  13. savemefromyselfplz says:

    hahaha! Im telling you….youtube has a mind of its own. Seriously wth lol.

  14. Patrick Mendrek says:

    I got here from Cavemanfilms while watching some mods!

  15. savemefromyselfplz says:

    the fuck?! I was watching things about martial law and NWO and I end up HERE!? wtf is that hi ho bs?! it sounds like some hippie stoner version of snow white and the seven dicks!!! ACK! eff you youtube!

  16. Adam Berenty says:

    its to prove a point,

  17. Zhitfräm Zhinolŭ says:

    Good to see Tommy Wiseau is still working. Well… not “good”, but thanks for alerting me.

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