google earths secret images

google earths secret images

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  1. petercowell123 says:

    This is a real thing I read about it somewhere and African tribe made them so the gods could see from the heavens

  2. annanya13 says:

    Simon Colt, The gun maker 

  3. dahliadanny2501 says:


  4. simasultan says:

    oehoheoeoeohoe creepyyyyyyyy

  5. nabil krimou says:


  6. nabil krimou says:

    Ce mec doit avoir une vie ennuyeuse, si il a trouvé tout cela …

  7. DJAlexandreFaar says:

    Quality is shit!

  8. Skrillex P says:

    I agree wit music guy too

  9. 1707gen2000 says:

    what ….

  10. MsBlackopsboss says:

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  11. varun peddi says:

    nice editing….

  12. manuel olivares says:

    located in peru

  13. manuel olivares says:

    for people who think the first one is area 51 or crap its not they are the nasca lines look it up idiots

  14. Jake Harvanchik says:

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  15. hollyholmstrom says:

    Very cool I like the dinosaur

  16. james stevens says:

    for crying out loud where would he find those in less than 5 years

  17. Mantas Vaitkus says:



    follow these steps: one cover your mouth. three post this to ten other videos. 4 look at your hand

  19. PoweredUpProductions says:

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  20. dolphinstar24 says:


  21. dolphinstar24 says:

    i agree with the music creeps me out and that looks cool at freaky

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