Google EnergySense, Wooden Moto X launched, Samsung marketing & more – Pocketnow Daily

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19 Responses to Google EnergySense, Wooden Moto X launched, Samsung marketing & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. Felix Mack says:

    Samsung managed it to create more hype with less apps. Pretty awesome!

  2. Gursimran Bedi says:

    Happy Birthday :D

  3. iMiguelAOG says:

    Happy Birthday Jaime! Coincidence it’s my English teacher’s birthday today too.

  4. (The)Lib28x says:

    Happy Birthday Jaime!

  5. Demetri Johnstone says:

    Happy Birthday Jaime 

  6. Jerizze S.C. says:

    if u buy wooden phone they will cut more trees

  7. italktooomuch says:

    Happy Birthday Jaime! Funny because today is my dads birthday.

  8. Richard Nunnya says:

    Happy Birthday JAIME! Drinking a Shot for you! 

  9. Clin9289 says:

    Happy birthday, Jaime! QOTD: I wouldn’t, it’s a 100 bucks more, 20 days of shipping and only in bamboo as opposed to the normal MotoX that you can get in whatever colour you want and it’s already out. The wooden MotoX just sounds like a bad deal and I can’t think of any benefits a wooden phone would give you…

  10. anox anny says:

    happy birthday mate

  11. Logan Lorenz says:

    Wooden style backing… people are always proving there’s no limit to their vanity. 

  12. NAS R says:

    Happy Birthday n Best Wishes all the way from Kuwait ^__^

  13. aseef sh says:

    happy birth day…..these days mobile costs are equal to GOLD, as is in the case of textiles… happy old days are gone…

  14. sim6699 says:

    Happy Birthday and thank-you for the great content you produce.

  15. Syukri Ramli says:

    Happy birthday Jaime!

  16. Tommy Matyas says:

    I don’t get how anyone likes shitty androids. Got a galaxy s4 and after two days returned it for my cracked iphone 5. Can’t believe how many dumb android retards there are out there

  17. Meta Storm says:

    Happy Birthday jaime 😀 see u in the Bar :D

  18. Thunderbird Tsa says:

    Happy birthday man: ) if I get rich till your next one- expect that wooden Moto from me: )

  19. ANTTU24 says:

    You have the same birthday as I do? 😀 Just turned 20 on tuesday 17th :)

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