Google, Er, Yahoo Car Needs a Bath

Google, Er, Yahoo Car Needs a Bath

Image by Thomas Hawk

24 thoughts on “Google, Er, Yahoo Car Needs a Bath

  1. That’s so funny, Thomas! That was a remnant of the SearchSIG that happened last week. I can’t name any names, but a pretty prominent Yahoo! competitor wrote that on there…I have some shots in my library. Great meeting you last night!

  2. This image has just been linked by Woot! Expect your view count to increase by probably at least 1000, unless the item in the woot-off sells amazingly quick. edit; looks like it went up 20. I was a bit off.

  3. funny shot, but for me it’s lacking impact in field of good photography, rather I would put it in some "funny shots" group -Voted ‘delete’ (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group) using photoratr

  4. I save it because it’s a great, photographic representation of the movement that got this whole internet thingy going …. -Voted "save" (by the Delete Me Uncensored Group)

  5. Hey that’s my baby and I want her back! Seriously, this car is a 1964 Ford Fairland that I owned from 1996-2006 while working @Yahoo! David and Jerry asked me to wrap the car in 98. I was laid off in 2001 and they "took" (bought) the car from me in 2006. I miss her very much…

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