Google Exec Killed In Mt. Everest Avalanche Caused by 7.8 Nepal Earthquake

Google executive Daniel Fredinburg was among at least 10 people killed today in an avalanche on Mt. Everest that was triggered by a massive earthquake near the Nepal capital of Kathmandu. …
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22 Responses to Google Exec Killed In Mt. Everest Avalanche Caused by 7.8 Nepal Earthquake

  1. DAHBOO77 says:

    #Google Exec Killed In Mt. Everest Avalanche Caused by 7.8 #NepalEarthquake #Nepal 

  2. Enlighten Ment says:

    He probably who God was targeting. 

  3. Trip Tamine says:

    this the same guy that wanted to become immortal? whoops, too late for that now

  4. Lisa W says:

    Be very skeptical of this story. It hit the presses entirely too quick. The underground bunkers are real and filling up with the world’s wealthy 1%. The treasures of this world will ultimately be their ruin.

  5. shotgunfetus says:

    Hmmmm, Rich people dying and disappearing and suiciding , sounds like the bunkering has started….

  6. Munterrocko says:

    That’s one Zioboot licker out of the way.

  7. Mit Dinger says:

    Google, that owns and ruined Y-Tube, is an evil empire. Sorry for the loss, but I’m like many of the commenters that see it as righteous retribution. Too bad it wasn’t the nutty elite transhumanist VP beeyotch.

  8. basicdata says:

    Check out Dutch’s vid too in Northern Japan land rises approx. 1,000 feet! up from the sea floor! WHAT!

  9. Ceasar A. says:

    He probably YELLED to the Heavens-” I’m a Google God ! “. So God responded in kind ” KARMA IS A BIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTCCCCCCHHHHHHH !!! “

  10. RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

    Why didn’t he invite Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to go along for the climb.

  11. lugnuttt says:

    They can afford to have the googliest funeral ever!!! So no worries.

  12. Daiz Independent News says:

    Every cloud…

  13. Lord Trevden says:

    “To hell with you”

  14. Gold Meddle says:

    Thy will be done

  15. Noor Mohamed Ahmad says:

    Rest in Peace, to the families, God Love them more then us all.

  16. dimebagmetott666 says:

    1 rich zionist /jew down, plenty to go.with any luck “israel” with turn into a 5000ft sinkhole

  17. Jungle Jargon says:

    1500 people killed by 7.8 earthquake in Nepal

  18. Tin Foil Hat Lady33 says:

    God’s vengeance?

  19. Derek Worthington says:

    “Google Exec Killed In Mt. Everest Avalanche Caused by 7.8 Nepal Earthquake” What??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. Okemicco says:

    One less nefarious globalist.

  21. John Roberts says:

    I am a vision and dream expert and reveived plenty of information regarding an earthquake that was ready to hit! One guy from China told me it going to happen in that exavt location. Google was not able to calculate what God is saying and their fate caught up with their carnal thinking minds. The bible says that One Day is as if a Thousand Years and a Thousand Years is like again One Day to God. The thing is if you don’t know God – all the technology and knowledge will not safe your own Life. It’s Gone like a Wind in the night! Abraham Lincoln saw himself inside of a coffin ten nights before he was assassinated! He shared his dream openly but no one was able to figure out that a man was going to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. He should have canceled that appointment. The Google Executive should have cancelled the climb. Bottom line is that the bible says that Pride goes before Destruction and Time stops because of it. Who knows maybe that is what God planned after all! I get this question all the time and here is my email I interpret dreams and visions for free and you don’t need to know God but it helps a bunch to see prophetic timing points to calculate what God is showing. 

  22. kubek w says:

    there are two thousand people dead…I dont really care about some google exec

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