Google Eyeing up to $30 Billion in Foreign Buyouts

Google Eyeing up to Billion in Foreign Buyouts
The potential price tag for Google's expansion plans outside the U.S. surfaced Tuesday in documents disclosing the company's response to recent questions raised by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Pressed to provide more details about its plans …
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Too Much Information? Facebook, Google Face Backlash Over Logins
Consumers worry about broadcasting their preferences and habits to companies and across their social networks. Businesses are torn between making life easier for users and letting Facebook and Google see the resulting data. "A few years ago, there was …
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Google: Glass can cause headaches, but it's not our fault
After Technically Incorrect raised the issue of Google Glass and headaches earlier this year, Google responded by saying that it would be silly to wear Glass for hours on end. Yet when people buy new, shiny, expensive things they like to play with them …
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