Google Faculty Summit 2009: Cloud Computing

Google Tech Talk July 31, 2009 ABSTRACT Google Faculty Summit 2009: Global Connection: Inform and Empower Cloud Computing – What is the Next Next Thing? Presented by Alan Eustace. Each year Google hosts leading academics from universities across the globe though our Faculty Summit program. Faculty Summits are designed to provide researchers with a chance to learn more about what Google does in each region and how we support university programs, as well as provide valuable networking time for academics and engineers.
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  1. The cloud is a con, the corporations and governments want to separate us from our programs and files, so all they have to do is cut off our internet access and we’re totally fucked, so we can’t even write anything or make any videos. It’s optional right now, but once they have enough mugs signed up they’ll make it compulsory. It’s all about controlling the means of production by removing it from our hands. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  2. we are already seeing several sites “syncing” with others, but i had my argument was that the web of things, everything will be [net(network)work] from the smallest pan/lan/ to wan, all will communicate interact with each other, and it will be similar to the human body that has several networks working simultaneously–

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