Google Fiber Isn't Asking for Incentives

Google Fiber Isn't Asking for Incentives
"To be clear, Google Fiber is seeking no incentives or financial commitments from the Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County," writes Matt Dunne, Google's Head of Community Affairs, in the letter obtained by Pith. "Nor will Metro own or …
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Google's Eric Schmidt announces M donation to award tech grants
Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, Google's ideas director, announced on "CBS This Morning" "New Digital Age Grants" for groups or individuals that use technology to solve problems. Schmidt said he donated $ 1 million to the effort …
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Google Helping Local Publishers Surf The Programmatic Wave
“What we've seen over last several years was a rise in realization by quality brands that they want to be associated with other quality brands,” says Richard Gingras, head of news and social products at Google. “The real question was how could we …
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