Google Fiber vs. Broadband – Provo City

Google Fiberhoods will be coming to Provo, UT October 2013. For more information you can check out the Mayor’s blog at Creative and YouTub…
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18 Responses to Google Fiber vs. Broadband – Provo City

  1. Marvin Perez says:

    how cool will be streaming 4k videos on google fiber

  2. UltraGigala says:

    I love my 100k ;D

  3. B Lidge says:

    The reason YouTube is so popular (and profitable) is because broadband made video streaming feasible for home users. Imagine what innovations will develop when *home* users can have even greater bandwidth with reduced latency and no usage limits.

  4. Daniel Augusto Lyons Pacini says:

    because if you just want that then google give it to you free for 7 years

  5. Mrjtl999 says:

    What about 50/10 DSL?

  6. tgseason12 says:

    up AND down. Sweden.

  7. XxnegociatorxX says:

    Cool. Where? Up AND down?

  8. JediPhreaK says:

    Your not thinking long term, Netflix and other video services are now possible because of Broadband. Gigabit speeds will drive a whole new host of possible services. Almost instant downloads of entire AAA video games to your PC, or other next gen console. Smooth uninterrupted 4k Videos!! You could also back up your entire hard drives content of a terabyte in short order. The Sky is the Limit!

  9. Andreas Höhmann says:


  10. tgseason12 says:

    Feels good getting one GIGABIT for $15 a month over here in socialist land. Cry Americans, CRY!

  11. infernape425 says:

    you know how if you put your finger on the ed of a straw while its in water and then lift it out, yeah like that

  12. Julian Klomsten says:

    Google fiber will be cheaper and faster than other isp providers, what’s wrong with that?

  13. 123qwerty says:

    dat data loss, do not want

  14. TheUntakenUtubeAcc says:

    The future of phones doesn’t lie in the actual phone, but their streaming capabilities, right now the nvidia shield let’s you stream games like battlefield 3 from your computer on a wireless connection in your home, with google fiber it would be possible to do this from anywhere, that’s just one of the possibilities, also think of the amount of porn you could download

  15. SpeedyBlueDude says:

    Just in time for the Xbox One and PS4. I welcome our Google Overlords if it means that I can finally embrace an all Digital Future.

  16. Simongambaryan says:

    One eye drop at a time.

  17. fishy1289 says:

    This guy reminds me of Louie

  18. fredbob5 says:

    Then what’s the 5k I usually got before broadband?

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