Google Fiber vs. Broadband – Provo City

Google Fiberhoods will be coming to Provo, UT October 2013. For more information you can check out the Mayor’s blog at Creative and YouTub…
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18 thoughts on “Google Fiber vs. Broadband – Provo City

  1. The reason YouTube is so popular (and profitable) is because broadband made video streaming feasible for home users. Imagine what innovations will develop when *home* users can have even greater bandwidth with reduced latency and no usage limits.

  2. Your not thinking long term, Netflix and other video services are now possible because of Broadband. Gigabit speeds will drive a whole new host of possible services. Almost instant downloads of entire AAA video games to your PC, or other next gen console. Smooth uninterrupted 4k Videos!! You could also back up your entire hard drives content of a terabyte in short order. The Sky is the Limit!

  3. The future of phones doesn’t lie in the actual phone, but their streaming capabilities, right now the nvidia shield let’s you stream games like battlefield 3 from your computer on a wireless connection in your home, with google fiber it would be possible to do this from anywhere, that’s just one of the possibilities, also think of the amount of porn you could download

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