Google Flight Search

Google Flight Search

Planning your trip on Google has never been easier with Flight Search. Whether you’re using your desktop, tablet or phone, you can use Flight Search to searc…

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  1. Get a bird’s-eye view of your next adventure with the updated Flight Search. It’s now much easier to browse different destinations and choose the right one for your next trip. You can even zoom in and out of locations all around the world to see potential destinations and price fluctuations by month in the expanded map view:

  2. *Did you know **+Google** Flight Search can make looking for flights easy?* A few months ago, I started making Google Flight Search the first place I look for airfare. It’s an incredibly clean and smooth user interface that will give you price matrices without all of the pop-ups and add-ons that traditional discount travel websites have. Keep in mind, it’s not *always* the lowest fare and you won’t be able to find fares for airlines like Southwest. Be sure to check out the “lowest fare” policy for the airline you fly. Many airlines promise to offer the lowest fare on their website, so be sure to double check before booking. Either way, Google Flight Search is a simple way to start your search the next time you travel! #Travel #AirTravel

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