Google Forms – Google Drive’s Hidden Gem

Google Forms are just an amazing tool! Free and powerful, it is ideal for anyone who needs to gather information about almost anything. Google Forms is buried within Google Drive right beneath…
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25 Responses to Google Forms – Google Drive’s Hidden Gem

  1. dottotech says:

    Might be old hat for this group, but I do Love Google Forms!

  2. Jane Moseley says:

    Hi, can you change the text in the response once the form has been completed instead of “Your response has been recorded.”

  3. dottotech says:

    Jeff, I use Screenflow on the Mac, 

  4. Jamie Cashin says:

    I wish I had known about this sooner! 

  5. Bart Ettinger says:

    Hey Steve, I was just about to buy a forms service, then thought I’d do a little Google search to find the best online forms builder. Google Forms popped up, but I didn’t quite get how they worked. My final step was to do a search for Google forms help in YouTube, and whala…there you are. I’ve watched several of your training videos (huge fan of Evernote) and you are absolutely the best. Thanks for your great work!!

  6. dottotech says:

    Are Forms the best kept Google Secret?

  7. Alex Hirner says:

    So what is actually the (mocked-up) purpose of this form: to borrow something? What does AV Log Out stand for. Just curious about what you thought about when making it.

  8. M.C Coker says:

    I love Google Drive for using to update my resume! Thanks for showing more features like this that I didn’t know about! And storming the castle was fun!

  9. Bart Ettinger says:

    Wow, this is fantastic, one of Google best kept secrets – GOOGLE FORMS

  10. Richard Benoit says:

    Thank you for the post.

  11. Brigham Dallas says:

    Thinking about trying htis as a consent form for my Salon business. Any thoughts on if it’d be good? I’d have an ipad for people to sign up on?

  12. sri harsha says:

    Thanks for the video. Its helpful. Can we send form responses to any mail id as a mail. (Everytime we have to go MyDrive > Check spreadsheets instead).

  13. music Man says:

    I cant find the link to the forms, can you please give me the link?

  14. Stephanie Burroughs says:

    Thanks! I spent hours reading Google help,,,I needed you!

  15. Jack Connors says:

    Hi,, Just Found and Subed and Liked,,, TY,Jack!

  16. Data Dogs Singapore says:

    Google Forms – an awesome tool to gather feedback and collect information on almost any subject such as tracking your project issue list, class survey, event participation etc. You can view your results in Google Sheets or even Microsoft Excel. It is easy to use and free! Another great tip SME should leverage. Watch the video below by Steve Dotto to gain more insight on this Google Drive’s Hidden Gem. Need further help? Feel free to drop us a message @ or on our Facebook DataDogs SG

  17. Tony Ceja says:

    How can I cap the number of answer on any given question of my questionnaire?

  18. Dermod Wood says:

    Hello Steve, Have you figured out a way to use mail merge to generate a formatted report from a spreadsheet? i.e. put all the merged output into a single document? Thanks Derm

  19. LEARNstyle says:

    #Google Forms – Google Drive’s Hidden Gem – YouTube #gafe #cdned -cf

  20. beyondThehedge says:

    Thanks to THE best tech tools online trainer @dottotech – Google Forms – a true hidden gem!

  21. Amor Dhaouadi says:

    I have another question: how can I make sure that I do not get more one response per person? Sort of identification code which I see in several web pages.

  22. Damondrick Jack says:

    Very helpful! You just saved me from the hassle and stress of building a website. Google Forms includes all of the functionality I need at the moment! Thanks Steve :)

  23. orlando ross says: Google Forms – Google Drive’s Hidden Gem

  24. Othni Morales says:

    Years back I setup Google Apps for my Dad’s company. I use google sites also since the information is static. Google Forms sounds interesting, but, it does not offer a captcha feature to validate if you are human. I need that to prevent spam. Right now I am using a form I created in Zoho Creator to embed in Google Sites. It allows for verification and we receive and e-mail. I am using it for the Contact Page. If Google Forms would let me use some kind of Captcha widget, I could replace what I have in Zoho Creator. If you know a way, please let me know. Thanks for the video!

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