Google Glass 2.0 Unboxing (Explorer Edition)

Google Glass 2.0 Unboxing (Explorer Edition)

Here’s my unboxing of the new Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0! Netflix: Lamarr’s Channel:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Google Glass 2.0 Unboxing (Explorer Edition)

  1. Oran Gal says:

    Your man is lamar??? (Gta v refrenece) You can you show us a video of you lamar and franklin hanging out?

  2. swadish says:

    not going to spend $1500 on this novelty item, however i may just grab one off some nerds face that’s walking around thinking they look cool.

  3. MrJaryd2000 says:

    My glass should arrive today or tomorrow. So. Friggen. Excited.

  4. Sam Wong says:

    I find it incredibly stupid for a pair of glasses being incapable of being folded … like a normal pair of glasses. Just one of the many reasons I just cannot see this flying as a product. I mean … just look how dorky soldier knows best looks! lol

  5. Caleb Wulfekuhle says:

    I bet if apple made this it would be way more popular

  6. Prycom Lcc says:

    Everyone has them already

  7. UndeadRanger says:

    I so want a pair right now :)) 

  8. TSU Linkzy says:

    Anyone notice the iWatch he was wearing. 

  9. Nicolas Bour says:

    Awesome ! I want mine !

  10. Trikkex Gaming says:

    How does he get the money to get all of this stuff

  11. John Koski says:

    Use Google Glass to see what people’s power levels are.

  12. SweetScopez says:

    probably same glasses from gta 5 jewelry store heist

  13. Will Thacker says:

    Damn, I’m blind in my right eye. Guess I’m screwed on the google glass. 

  14. Zack D’Souza says:

    google employees are morons!!!!! it may not be have been reported yet, but there is a reason your parents tell you not to watch TV to closely when you are young. Google Glass will undoubtedly cause massive blindness… along with the fact that seeing things in your lense is going to be like seeing your phone in sunlight, it doesn’t work!!!!! people who buy this are wasting their money!!!

  15. Anon Mason says:

    I want to see it stomped on. That’ll make some views from those of us who think this thing needs to die.

  16. nick perez says:

    couldnt pick mine up because i didnt have enough money D:

  17. Leo Valdez says:

    um what happens if you drop it

  18. Danny Williams says:

    i would love to get google glass

  19. yukido asuna says:

    his man, Lamar ?…i instantly though of GTA 5

  20. Harrison S says:

    Pretty sure I’ve seen you in Central Park with Google Glass on.

  21. Exynos says:

    I would sign up to order one BUT i am waiting for details on perscription lenses because I am bad at vision. (Edit) And Spelling…

  22. Simon Bhadra says:

    Glasses usually make people look smart, but these glasses look incredibly stupid. Google seems to launch a much of clunky half baked products. 

  23. Marianella Cerritos says:

    I got one for free on kik

  24. Robert Myers I Esq. says:

    How much money??

  25. RC GAMER says:

    How much does it cost?

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