Google Glass 2.0 Unboxing (Explorer Edition)

Google Glass 2.0 Unboxing (Explorer Edition)

Here’s my unboxing of the new Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0! Netflix: Lamarr’s Channel:…
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25 thoughts on “Google Glass 2.0 Unboxing (Explorer Edition)

  1. I find it incredibly stupid for a pair of glasses being incapable of being folded … like a normal pair of glasses. Just one of the many reasons I just cannot see this flying as a product. I mean … just look how dorky soldier knows best looks! lol

  2. google employees are morons!!!!! it may not be have been reported yet, but there is a reason your parents tell you not to watch TV to closely when you are young. Google Glass will undoubtedly cause massive blindness… along with the fact that seeing things in your lense is going to be like seeing your phone in sunlight, it doesn’t work!!!!! people who buy this are wasting their money!!!

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