Google Glass 2.0 vs Vector Submachine Gun

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13 Responses to Google Glass 2.0 vs Vector Submachine Gun

  1. RedKB says:

    Awesome! Your videos are getting better! I’d love to get a FullMag and see what we could do against a Rubik’s Cube!

  2. Scott Winberg says:


  3. SteelCurtainGaming says:

    I have to say that it probably would of been even more epic if you were able to record with the google glass while doing this and then was able to playback the recording… would of been scary as shit!

  4. Moaz Bambi says:

    “I don’t know why you did this, but I will find you, and I will kill you”

  5. MattV2099: Guns & Food says:

    love them extended assault clipazines!

  6. Sean Stanley says:

    I love the Vector, but why does it shake so much? It looks like it’s going to fall apart. 

  7. Abdelhafid Cherair says:

    i was wondering if u could donate that 1500$ worth of glass instead of destroying it like that ….. -_-

  8. Jason Perrone says:

    Google GLASS vs a machine gun….Google Glass 2.0 vs Vector Submachine Gun

  9. Spencer Kleyweg says:

    Richard Ryan is at it again and shoots Google Glass V2 with a Vector Submachine Gun. Don’t try this at home.

  10. Jamie Finn says:

    Why would you wreck the latest technology?

  11. shipu302 says:

    You REALLY like to destroy the lattest technology!!

  12. Dewoy1 says:

    OMG i just got a boner !!! whats better than 1 KWA Kriss Super V ofc 2 !!!! man where do you life to get a fullauto sbr version of this beauty Tennessee ???

  13. Afik Lahav says:

    I found untoday and i already think that you are better than fps russia and his stupid paint cans

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