21 Replies to “Google Glass Explorer Edition: Explained!”

  1. On April 15th, *anyone in the US will be able to purchase Google Glass.* But it’s still the Explorer Edition. And still $1500. We’ll see how that turns out!

  2. If the only part that actually matters is the right side, why dont they make an attachable. where you attach it to real glasses instead of wearing the skinny wire.

  3. New MKBHD Video is finally live! Just one of many awesome vids upcoming covering +Google Glass tech. *Google Glass Explorer Edition: Explained!* Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

  4. It should cost around 150 with all of the specs it is a piece of shit. I could buy a crappy android phone for 100 that is still more powerful then this gimmicky thing

  5. I dont understand, i thought that this google glass by now should be cheaper but instead its getting more expensive then tha last, v3 is now around 18 hundreds, so when can the poor people have a chance of touching this tech, i would love to have one but daaaamm its too much

  6. They should have made this look like the Sayian scouter from DragonBall Z. A lot more people would buy it lol. Also they should add the ability to change the glass to the left eye if the customer is left handed. It’s uncomfortable looking through your right eye when everything is dominant on your left. All you right handers can relate, it would be uncomfortable looking at a screen on your left eye when everything is dominant on your right.

  7. Hey Man i want to get this new cool gadget but need some advice from u the expert Its called the oculus rift for gaming I want to play gta and battlefield 4 U think itll b worth the $and future of gaming Let me know thanks They have on YouTube 

  8. I’d pay 2-3 hundred for one ( about the same as a new droid mini) and seeing its size they could make it a hole new phone just add all the phone call signal etc to the other side (maybe even lensis for people who aren’t 20 20 visioned like me) other wise its a good add-on

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