Google Glass – First Look

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to Google Glass – First Look

  1. aceytam says:

    Very smart comment!

  2. Billy Keenly says:

    hahah shut it down, this guy won.

  3. suncu91 says:

    she had an app that shows weird stuff on his glasses.

  4. TehPantheon says:

    fucking terribly done. look at the St Patrick’s Google Glass video for an example of the UI actually done well. faggots.

  5. george simpson says:

    I dont get it 😀

  6. Jason Jasonson says:

    biggest douche of all time

  7. Gianluca Leone says:

    @Matthew Pearl

  8. RealKengeki says:

    jesus, now im scarred for life.

  9. Sebastian Keil says:

    So google glass gives mantis face, great…

  10. Armonis says:

    Oh god, my heart! I wasn’t expecting that.

  11. AlexDerZocker says:


  12. ChasWolfenstein says:

    What the fuckin shit AAN! Your lucky you have sugar boy.

  13. RedHoodedEwok says:

    She just completely bugged out!

  14. bloodofrrreptile says:

    The whole premise of this idea is absolutely terrifying. Gee, look at the time: 1984 already?

  15. Matthew Pearl says:

    HAHAHAH! Was not expecting that XD

  16. Sup3rJ3rkcom says:

    Ahh you guys scared me at the end. Lol i jumped pretty bad. Well done.

  17. Weirdgus says:

    omg that ending.. JUST OMFG

  18. Mohammed Murtuza says:


  19. SawyersFilms says:


  20. Crymacx19 says:

    Ok glass zoom in

  21. cashlessbread says:

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