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16 thoughts on “GOOGLE GLASS FOR KIDS!

  1. I’m so sick of people judging you guys for how you do ANYTHING. It’s your life not theirs. The girls need to hold the baby! It’s their brother, I think it’s adorable that they help Mommytard take care of Brotard. I think you guys are great parents of well behaved children. Keep up the good work !

  2. I thought they would have Kinect like ability to point in the air and “click” on things. I thought they will have face recognition ability that will tell you who is who. I thought they will have bar-code, groceries, text and object recognition abilities to tell you prices and what you are looking at. Do the glasses come with dioptres or just fake glass? Can I put the glass from my real glasses on them, for example?

  3. Lol the garden resembles something out of “Lord of the Flies” or a Third world country run by children. Looks like my garden as a child. :)

  4. Any one know when Google Glass will be for sale to the public? Will they be at all? Because when they come out I have a feeling that all my savings from the last 5 years shall be gone!

  5. I think Google Glass will help people lose weight and be more active. Think about it. You could walk around with a computer on your face rather than sitting behind one. I just wish they could lower the price a bit so it would be affordable for everyone. 

  6. I really don’t want Glass. If you think about it, electrical impulses are being sent to your brain and you see a holographic image. Holograms are not 100% proved to be safe because we don’t know if how we are doing it is correct. I know this because my uncle works for Google. It my offend his company a little but I am just being honest. The holographic images and the electrical impulses are very dangerous and may affect your vision and speech center of your brain. The touch pad is on the right side of the head and that is where your speech center is. This may effect your talking. The holographic images on the other hand may affect your vision center because the human body is not used to this advanced technology and we are also not used to seeing floating pictures in font of our eyes. This lets to much light into our eyes and this could possibly damage your vision center of your brain. Believe it or not but it is true. I may be only 11 years old, but the fact that I am this young and I am in 8th grade proves that I am pretty smart. If you buy the Glass and you don’t listen to me, then that is your fault. Have fun not being able to speak or see!

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