Google Glass review | Engadget

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15 Responses to Google Glass review | Engadget

  1. Houssain Benzourry says:

    It’s a proved, working concept. It’s a sure thing. Now, we will wait for improvement. Smaller and unnoticeable display unit, more functionality, better battery life. It’s really a revolutionary invention.. 8 least far leap that that of, emm, touch on your screen?

  2. p lynch says:

    If you where glasses could you get then in the glasses shop

  3. WeaselZone says:

    Throwing 1500$ casually around like it’s nothing …

  4. CeasiusC says:

    If you have a cellphone, I could say the same thing.

  5. Matthew Jay says:

    Gotta love the Virtual Boy cameo.

  6. Zachary Taylor says:

    ill stick with smartphones but i think a good concept would be wireless earbuds

  7. MsJoeyJody says:

    In my opinion, google glasses look and are weird.

  8. Sanpedro Man says:

    With these google glases you cant get private life because they are filming everything you and what there are happening around it so…

  9. Viraj Pahwa says:


  10. eriboy10 says:

    I want it :3

  11. Raja Sims says:

    NOT READY YET…..would wait for the next version

  12. eriboy10 says:

    02:06 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 😀

  13. TaiwanSCW says:

    Was going to buy one but No Web Surfing ruined it. Maybe in a few years.

  14. Fantaschnaps says:

    i also thought of that 😀 but you can get mugged with an iPhone or other expensive smartphone, too… even though with the mugging problem i’m thinking about how google is going to solve the thing with the “lock screen” most smartpphones have, it would be interesting if it’ll scan your eye or something.

  15. Rizzalala says:


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