Google Google video song from thuppaki, 1080p, hd

Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “Google Google video song from thuppaki, 1080p, hd

  1. Hey retard, you’re on youtube. Use the shit-level English you have at least. You sound like one dumbass motherfucker that’s for sure. You know what? I have a proposition, GO DIE IN A bitch-ass hole you cockjuggling thunderunt

  2. Some bitches came onto this song.. Then go and don’t waste your stupid time watching it and writing stupid things like ‘Wtf am I watching?’ This song is a good one and imagine if we Tamil people come up to your songs that are some other random language and if we write this then write really dumb comments then won’t you feel ashamed? You shouldn’t do this, its really annoying for us Tamil people.

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