Google: Here's What to Do if Your Website Is Hacked

Google: Here's What to Do if Your Website Is Hacked
The “Help for Hacked Sites” section of Google's Webmaster Tools offers up articles and videos to help you not only recover from compromising hacks, but take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. Part of what makes hacked sites difficult to deal …
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Google Webmaster Academy Launches In 20 New Languages
… to help would be webmasters learn what they need to know about getting a site up and running with Google. This includes information about how Google Search works, how to create a site, and how to use Google's diagnostic tools like Webmsater Tools.
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The Changing Face of Online Marketing
Google's efforts to stamp out these shifty tactics include the de-indexing of BuildMyRank and other private blog networks like LinkVana. As clearly stated in Google's Webmaster Guidelines, paid links are for PPC (where they can actually make some cash …
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