Google, IEEE offer $1 million for 'laptop' sized power inverter

Google, IEEE offer million for 'laptop' sized power inverter
Google, along with Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ( IEEE), has started a 'Little Box Challenge' to design and build a kW-scale power inverter, a device used to convert renewable energy, including solar and wind, before transforming it …
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Hook 'em Young – Google Flings Chromebooks, Chromeboxes at Education
Google provides a helpful online calculator on its Chrome for Education website, with comparative costs broken down into categories including initial purchase price and IT software. Enter the number of students in a school district, and the calculator …

REPORT: Google May Be Testing A New Feature To Make Its Search Results
Google already presents a bunch of useful information from Wikipedia when you search for a historical event, pop culture term, or celebrity. But Google may be building a new feature into its search engine that shows even more Wikipedia information, …
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