Google Image Search refurbished with new display options

Google Image Search refurbished with new display options
The redesigned Image Search function has been rolled out by Google recently and it will help to display the image faster and reliably. When any image is clicked, it will reveal along with the image in the inner panel a host of information like the …
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Google Unveils Faster Image
Google has unveiled a faster image search with a new layout to help people find images more quickly. Results are available in an inline panel, with the large main image in the center bordered by a set of smaller images at the top and bottom. It has …
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Google collects new images of North Korean nuclear site
Google Earth's all-seeing cameras have collected new images of a nuclear test site in North Korea. The facility in the North Hamgyong Province can also be seen on Google Maps at the latitude/longitude of 41.278047,129.087372. Nuclear test facility in …
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