Google interns’ first week

Students who join Google in internships or in full-time roles work on interesting, meaningful projects and are expected to have an impact from the start. Mee…

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25 Responses to Google interns’ first week

  1. rockhopper123452 says:

    Oh my god. We have the exact same goals. We even want to go to the same company and university. Anyways good luck! Work hard!

  2. karismatichick says:

    He said Googliness…My new fave word!!

  3. Kelly Alexander says: this is the link tested and working!

  4. bong0253 says:

    I’m in 7th grade and I want to do that to

  5. Adnaan Mahmood says:

    I wish you success :D, never let go of your dream.

  6. iNoooob25 says:

    The Internship – Real Life Edition

  7. Baldoxxx4000 says:

    look at all these google slaves… 

  8. j7deville1 says:

    idk why people are shocked any kind of creative work wether video or graphics is best on a mac, If google had their own Full Blow Desktop OS and Computer they would be using those, but their Chromebooks are only basic laptops not really a full blow Computer Software.

  9. j7deville1 says:

    Because Apple Computers are not Limited like iOS is on their iphones and tablets. I love android and google and am a Huge Fan, but for doing any kind of music or graphic design work or video editing Apple Computers are Best suited. Also Windows 8 is just Awful, the only thing Windows Computers are good for anymore is gaming and programing or Microsoft Office.

  10. j7deville1 says:

    where have you been? they Already Are, Better Products for half the Price of Apple Products, Better Software, the only thing their Lacking is a Full Blown Desktop OS and Computer and I’m not talking about Chrome Books.

  11. thatgr8 says:

    How funny is that All of them have mac (apple) laptops

  12. roberto valladares says:

    wow awesome, i would like to work there

  13. Frank Jaeger says:

    At least email me Google! Can’t wait to share some innovative ideas, and hopefully get paid for them.

  14. Frank Jaeger says:

    I want to own this company. I have so many revolutionary ideas that could really improve both android and all Google products.

  15. Tyler Walenga says:

    I want to work there

  16. Ibou Faye says:

    2:32 googles eating apple

  17. Josh Mellard says:

    It certainly is a dream.

  18. Danyal Ahmed says:

    I would love to work at google and make it better than apple

  19. Z0mbiecraze says:

    they’re all using apple laptops lol 😀

  20. dragonmustard2 says:

    Well google doesn’t focus on making computers and Chromebooks aren’t suitable for work.

  21. dragonmustard2 says:

    1:15 – What kind of Chromebook is that?

  22. József Pék says:

    Ofc. Even they know that their laptops suck.

  23. EV7SOCCER says:

    3:02 Apple!

  24. ExtremeTechGaming says:


  25. Diamant Haxhimusa says:

    2:32 Omggg !!!! Apple laptop ??

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