Google introduces $35 Chromecast streaming stick

Google’s Mario Queiroz reveals the Chromecast, a sticklike device that connects to one of your TV’s HDMI inputs and accepts video pushed from smartphones, ta…

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16 Responses to Google introduces $35 Chromecast streaming stick

  1. mememojo says:

    An NSA creation ;)

  2. dhiraj pandey says:

    this is too good

  3. Meowholio says:

    He’s probably too young to own a credit card

  4. Alex R says:

    Tried to get the cast button for chrome on my nexus 7, was told is was not supported. It’s a Google Android system and it’s not supported. This thing still has too many bugs.

  5. ThaRare1 says:

    Why get this when most new TV’s (like the one they used) have wifi/apps on them. Unless your TV doesn’t then I understand. Youtube lets you cast the video to from your phone to your TV if you have Youtube app on your TV. And Goggle stuff only is gay. But maybe it will constantly release updates to Chromecast device for more stuff in the future. $35 to bring apps to Non-app TV’s…i guess that’s not so bad.

  6. EpicTouchUSA says:

    Here’s my view. 1. Bought it n returned it. 2. Because, its just like a product like Sony, u have to use just Google stuff ONLY. 3. Yes, it plays websites from pc but nothing that you own from ur phone that’s not Googleware. 4. Doesn’t play videos from tablet or phone, pc that is not Google material again. No games, peronal pics, no personal vids or music again. 5. Solely use for google stuff like this keeps saying, Google vids from Play Store, Music from Google Music and so on. 6. Don’t get it

  7. Alexei Acevedo says:

    Cheap Keynote!

  8. PSpurgeonCubFan says:

    shut up and take my money

  9. Bliingboii says:

    google. com/intl/en/chrome/devices/chromecast/#netflix buy it right off the google website, dipshit.

  10. FuzioN2006 says:

    You are the definition of a total fucking idiot

  11. Mt_Xing says:

    Didn’t they say it will be in Best Buy?

  12. AssaultAndBattery777 says:

    court bauer

  13. Robert Davidson says:

    This simple unit will be used by big dot com’s to collect info on viewership and help monetize ad-space.

  14. Wesley Howard says:

    But it is a big deal to buy a ps3 for 2 or 3 tvs in your house, so you can get other tvs on at the 35 dollar price point which was a key point in their speech.

  15. TypeClassZero says:

    I prefer the HTC Media Link HD its much, but much better.

  16. greenblobo9 says:

    Well the inconvenience comes with the territory I suppose. But touche for having a valid point

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