Google Introduces Its Google Contributor Program

Google Introduces Its Google Contributor Program
Google's experimental solution to this is to offer websites an alternate method of funding. Users can pay between $ 1 and $ 3 USD to "support" participating websites; in return, when visiting those websites, users will be shown pixellated patterns and …
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Mozilla reflects upon 2013, back when it still gobbled at the Google money-trough
The Mozilla Foundation has issued its annual financial statement for 2013, and the numbers raise important questions about Mozilla's future, now that it has ended its longstanding funding relationship with Google. Royalties paid by Google for queries …
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Lesbian couple disparaged on Google Maps
The lesbian couple didn't expect the first nasty encounter to come from Google Maps. "My son was on Google Maps at school when he (searched) 'street view' for our address and it said, 'Fagits live here,' " said Mann, recalling the incident of about a …
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